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Speaking of resin workers, a lot of preservation of bronze, bronze mirror friends are not unfamiliar, it is attributed to a post-processing. This kind of material made with polymer polymerization material, because of excellent physical properties and chemical stability, acid, alkali, salt, a variety of media corrosion function, but also to add a variety of pigments, to make a variety of skin color, So a lot of confusion.
With a variety of new polymer polymerization data presented in the modern amendment, its role is growing. Resin workers are in the process of revising the bronze process, was used by a small number of people after the post. In a variety of polymer polymerization, the epoxy resin has excellent physical and chemical properties, the metal and non-metallic materials, the appearance of excellent bonding strength and adhesion, shortening rate is small, good stability, hardness Strong, heat-resistant features, suitable bonding and fill the missing. Severe mineralization (copper loss is not severe) can not be welded bronze and war tan period of thin tires of the bronze is usually used to modify it, this approach suitable for reversible correction. In the process of revising the bronze, there are some missing ornaments, with silicone rubber modified in the same decorative bronze, turn out the decorative mold, and then coated with resin on the silicone rubber mold, resin curing, Rubber mold, resin decoration to do it, then the pattern attached to the missing, the bronze on the decoration on the complete. And then do the old, do rust. If it is in the war Han Su bronze, or bronze mirror and other decorative bronze on the plate to do such a decoration, that is, the line said the resin workers.
Like the distinction between bronze bronze mirror authenticity we have to understand the real thing forging the same technology, we have to distinguish between resin workers, but also need to understand the resin manufacturing process. Figure 3 is the surface of the Warring States four mountain mirror, with its decoration to do the resin of the black paint the ancient four mountain mirror. The four mountain mirror painted on the release agent on the glass, the mold silicone rubber to participate in 1.5% of the curing agent and mix thoroughly after coated on the bronze mirror, altered, use the fingers or bamboo in the decoration at the pressure several times ( This is intended to discharge the air, silicone rubber vulcanization will not show pores, turned out of the resin decoration will not show small Peas). Until the silicone rubber vulcanization after pouring gypsum to do the outer mold, after stripping with a four-mirror silicone rubber mold.
In the epoxy resin to participate in graphite powder or loose powder, transferred to black. In order to add strength, epoxy resin also participated in the quartz powder, adjusted and then painted on a good silicone rubber mold. I used to buy in the market to split a half of the five elements of the mirror, mirror button has been missing, directly pressed in the modified epoxy resin on the silicone rubber mold. To be cured resin, exposing silicone rubber mold, the edge of the excess polished out, a resin workers four mountain mirror is basically made. The market is still showing this mirror to do the old, so rust and other processes.
Understand the resin manufacturing process, we distinguish between the resin workers have a basis. In the practice of manufacturing resin workers, if the need to add patience, to participate in asbestos fiber, glass fiber; demand for hardness to participate in quartz powder, porcelain powder, cement, emery; demand for heat resistance to participate in asbestos powder, high temperature cement; Thermal conductivity to participate in aluminum powder, copper powder, iron powder and other metal powder; demand to add mechanical strength to participate in alumina powder, copper powder. This brings the difficulty to distinguish, but the resin in short is the composition of polymer materials, to participate in a variety of packing its physical properties will be some changes, but its chemical properties will not change. Distinguish the main ways are:
1. See: resin and metal oxides and metal salt refractive index is not the same, the role of the look will not be the same, especially in the strong light irradiation, the resin site and the original part of the site will show a significant refraction refraction effect is inconsistent Of the resin decoration is usually a kind of oil feel, like a cooked bronze shells as. Health and the United States genuine tattoo look boring. Of course, need to see more things after the line.
2. Hand touch: even if the participation of aluminum powder, copper powder, iron powder and other metal powder, resin workers do not heat the metal is good, the resin feels like a warm feeling, the real touch is cool feeling.
3. Cutting needle: with a knife cut a little decoration, resin ornamentation was sheet, if the real taste if the oxidation is less on the cut, the oxidation of heavy cut down was granular. With the needle, the real thing even if the bar under a small piece of needle also stand, the resin needle can stand on top. About those who participate in metal powder and thin decorative, can be used to heat the needle, to show a concave, can certainly be resin workers ... ...


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