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In order to protect the interests of the majority of users and investors, we issued the following statement:
Guangdong Huaxun Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in 1988, is a professional production and sale of quartz stone, artificial stone, unsaturated polyester resin and accessories, coatings and other products of large-scale high-tech enterprises, 1994 Guangdong Huaxun Industrial Co., Ltd. was established And enter the resin industry, in 2000 formally entered the field of solid materials, the development of domestic and foreign markets, so far in the world has set up more than 30 offices.
As of the date of this announcement, Guangdong Huaxun Industrial Co., Ltd. has never changed the company's trademark or registered name, nor set up any subsidiaries or branches, in order to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Guangdong Huaxun Industrial Co., Ltd., severely punish the counterfeit Huaxun brand products , All illegal, defamation or infringement and other acts, our company will be held in accordance with their legal responsibility, hope the major counterparts law-abiding, thank you!
Huaxun official website: www.hua-xun.com.cn
National unified customer service phone: 0755-110-3188
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We hereby declare and declare!
Guangdong Huaxun Industrial Co., Ltd.
January 1, 2015


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