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Resin luminous characters are widely used, all walks of life, may involve the use of resin words. But the resin word is also bound to limit, if the use of improper yellow, the company has a negative impact.
What is the reason for the resin word resin yellow?
The use of resin in outdoor devices is less than half a year and presents a variety of problems, such as yellowing and gelling. The main reason to make:
1, aromatic epoxy resin bisphenol A structure easily oxidized to produce carbonyl groups to form yellow groups;
2, amine curing agent in the free amine components directly with the polymerization of epoxy resin, resulting in local warming, accelerated yellow;
3, tertiary amine accelerator, nonylphenol accelerator in the thermal oxygen, UV irradiation are easy to change color;
4, the reaction process of the temperature is too high, the system of residual impurities, the metal catalyst will turn yellow
1. As far as possible in the use of resin words indoors, outdoor can be used to replace the words or inserts.
2. Do not use PU resin for outdoor use
3. Add antioxidant or UV absorber, useful to delay the aging of the resin word.
4. Choose the skilled manufacturers to manufacture.


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