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Pigment paste Instructions:
Pigment paste is one component of all types of color composites and fiberglass products indispensable. Therefore, in order to ensure to get a satisfactory FRP products, and get the best look, use high-quality pigment paste and the correct application of the process is critical. The factory produced pigment paste using computer color matching system spectral color, by vehicle resin, pigment powder, dispersant, fixing agent after fine grinding is made with a uniform color between batches no color, hiding power dispersion excellent tinting strength, bright color, color retention period and long.
This product is suitable for artificial stone, quartz stone, granite, molding, pultrusion, artificial agate products, resin crafts, polyester furniture, glass and steel products, such as buttons and composite materials coloring. (Particularly suitable for applications fiberglass, artificial stone, granite, quartz aspects)

Note that:
Before using pigment paste, depending on the production processes and materials, through testing, to determine the actual amount and selection of suitable paste. And pay attention to the feature color is the color of the resin after cured article, rather than the color of the liquid resin.
certain pigments of the cured resin has a polymerization or promotion. Therefore, prior to use by testing to determine whether changes in dosage accelerator.
When used, the paste injecting material, stirring until completely homogeneous.

Colored pigment paste, can be fixed with a special color according to customer requirements.
Storage and Transportation:
storage, must be done dry, ventilation, insulation, no direct sunlight, the temperature does not exceed 25 .
Product drums stacked preferably no more than two layers, the lid tightly.
Packing: 25Kg drum packing, drum 5Kg packaging. 

Shelf life: one year

Basic knowledge of colors

The color of the three properties
The three properties of color hue (H), saturation (S), the luminance (L), they have to be simultaneously displayed on any object, can not be separated. Understanding the three attributes of color helps users prepare a desired color.
(1) Hue (also known as wavelength)
If the color wheel to display a variety of colors, the color of a color wheel is located partially on known hue, i.e., a color appearance. It was noted that when the color of an object when in fact be noted that the hue, such as red, green. The so-called color wheel refers to the three primary colors in an equilateral triangle, formed by an inverted triangle composed color, the color of the rainbow by spectroscopy or arranged in order around the circumference.
(2) Saturation (also known as color, density, strength or purity)
Saturation is used to set the color vividness. When people point out the color of an object is very bright, in fact, refers to his saturation, the highest single color saturation, when mixed with other colors after he saturation will be reduced. Setting saturation may also be viewed as a color mixture of colors, and other procedures. When saturation is minimized, the color will be mixed gray.
(3) Brightness (also known as brightness, luminosity)

Each hue can transition from dark to light, often called color shading, i.e. luminance. When the color is white, has the highest brightness, with the gradual deepening of color brightness values also decreased, while the color is black luminance value reached its lowest point. If you think of it as illumination, a bunch of color light will weaken the image is white, and the faint light color will enhance the image.

The basic principle of color matching
Color formulation can select three colors, are added by mixing them to produce any color, three colors of the three primary colors. The most common are red, yellow, and blue.
Nothing more than a variety of colors composed of three basic colors, they are interrelated. Will be one of two colors blending with each other, which is the formation of color. By mutual synthetic colors tone color called repigmentation. Primary or complex color with white watered, can be drawn from different shades of colors such as red and white dubbed pink, light red series. When added colors or complex color black different components, you can get a variety of different color brightness, such as brown, dark green, and so on.
Complementary colors
Pay attention to color, color, and color complementary color relationship. When color, two colors makes up a complex color, and its corresponding color was another complementary color, fill color added to the complex will darken in color, it should be noted that the relationship between the three. Such as red and blue palette, Condition of purple, the complementary color to yellow; red and yellow palette, Condition orange, complementary color is blue; yellow and blue palette, Condition is green, the complementary color to red.
Color hue
Should pay attention to the color palette of hues, often with a variety of different colors because of the hue, such as the blue color has a reddish blue or greenish blue, red with yellow color with red or blue with red and yellow colors are reddish yellow or greenish yellow, and so on, so the color should be chosen right color, otherwise the color with a decrease in the brightness.


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