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1988   Love Xun Xun predecessor Guangdong Panyu glass steel mills set up
1990   entered the furniture industryEstablished in 1994, China Motion Industries Limited
1994   to enter the resin industry
1996   entered the paint, auto parts industry

2000   officially entered the field of solid surfaces, the development of the international market, the products are exported to over 20 countries and regions Development of the domestic market in 2001, has so far set up more than 30 offices in the country; the same industry took the lead through ISO9001︰2000 ISO14001︰000 quality management system certification and environmental management system certification Partnership in

2001   with the New York DUFFY company focused on the development of international fashion color as a guide

2002   won the "China green building materials products," the title
2002   won the "China Construction preferred environmental quality building materials," the title
2003   won the "National Quality Trustworthy Products", "National Quality Service Customer Satisfaction Enterprise"
2004   Love Heshan base foundation started fast, open up a new production base in China Motion resin China Building Council promulgated the "AAA" certificate in 2005
2005   was elected vice president of the China Federation of Furniture Industry / Cabinet Committee on title
2007 resin production ranks first in Guangdong, the country's third Fiscal 2007 Environmental key technological transformation of enterprises Revamp, Jiangmen 500,000 prize
2008   resin production ranked first in the country
2008   Guangxi Cenxi City Town build huaxun Hope Primary

2009   to establish sales outlets in France, and certified by SGS

2009  laid the foundation stone of the new plant started two Heshan, China Motion achieve a major breakthrough in the history of the development

2009   won the "Guangdong Famous Brand"
2009 Love Xun company name was changed to "Guangdong China Motion Industries, Ltd."
2010   Xun resin two project will be completed
2010  won the "Guangdong Famous Trademark" Guangdong Province in 2011 to obtain emissions permits
2012   to obtain safety standardization certificate
2013   launch of high-performance coatings

2014   the introduction of new German technology, investment in efficient machinery and equipment, closer to the development of the times.

2015   to achieve "national flowering" in the country to establish a number of "HuaXun operation center".


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