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Huaxun Industry(guangdong) Co.,Ltd was founded in 1988, is a professional production of unsaturated polyester resins and materials, paints, artificial stone products, such as large-scale high-tech enterprises, with strong product development capabilities, twenty years of technical strength precipitation, specialization, scale of production, the cast of strong corporate strength, become unsaturated polyester resins and materials, paint industry pioneer.
Hua Xun Industrial R & D, production, sales, specializing in chemical industry unsaturated polyester resins and materials, paint, etc., is committed to diversification, the development of high-quality products and quality services, to promote the continuous development of the industry. In 2003, the company Xing Long Industrial Zone in Longkou Town, Heshan City, Guangdong Province to establish a new production base for modern, large-scale, intensive, new base covers an area of 500 acres, the introduction of the world's most advanced computer numerical control production line and testing equipment. China Motion Industries has passed the ISO9001: 2008 quality system certification and safety standardization. Modern factories, scientific management and efficient operation mechanism, created a first-class product. In 2009 and then spent 50 million expansion of the second phase of the project, now unsaturated polyester resin production capacity reached 20 million tons, becoming one of the largest supplier of unsaturated polyester resins.
Hua Xun resin products into unsaturated polyester resin reinforced and non-reinforced unsaturated polyester resin into two categories, the existing more than 20 kinds of resin, over 200 products, widely used in wind power generation, shipbuilding, automobile accessories, pipes, tanks, pultruded profiles, cooling towers, chemical preservative equipment, doors, windows, sanitary equipment, food equipment, recreational equipment and sports equipment, artificial stone, crafts, buttons, paint Polaroid board. Hua Xun resin in October 2008 by the Guangdong Provincial Quality and Technical Supervision, "Guangdong Famous Brand", "China Motion" trademark in March 2010 by the Guangdong Province title.

Professional, dedicated and innovative spirit with China Motion Industries, positive innovation, constantly crossing, consistently adhere to the "technology first, the market for derivative, talent, management is a real" business purpose, to "go beyond customer satisfaction, creating value for customers, "the concept of service to customers worldwide, with a strong and excellent brand to create the highest value, and through different means improve the quality of products and technical services and differentiated marketing activities, and gradually establish industry pioneers corporate image.


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