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The introduction of international standards detector, and strictly control the quality of products
With the second phase of the project put into production, the production scale of China Motion, production capacity away forefront of the industry, ranking first in the world, along with the gradual ECCOM brand strength and enhance the China Motion ascend people. "Quality first"is always adhere to the concept of production Xun! In large-scale, while the high yield, Hua Xunstrict "quality" off!

China, Japan to introduce the latest high-tech fast detection equipment "GC" on the raw materials for a rigorous and comprehensive testing to ensure high-quality raw materials, worry, and provide a reliable quality assurance for subsequent production; In addition, the United States US MastersSystems' Universal introduction of material testing machine ", it is the best proof of Hua Xunpractice environmental commitments. The United States of cutting-edge technology detectorcohesion, good or bad quality of the finished product with the ability to identify sensitive, good control of product quality, eliminate defective materials into the final product is produced. HuaXun concentrate on every process, focusing on every detail, to secure the back to the community is the most worry-free quality product!

Second, the production center
The "yes" to the extreme, the "no" do innovation, Hua Xun thick plot culmination sagacityeye insight opportunity to grasp the trend, transport policy market, the introduction of an international leader in equipment, as well as cutting-edge production technology and globaltechnology, leading the industry with superior quality, the era of reconciliation initiative.

Resin industry flagship, China ranked highest production capacity
Professional focus to concentrate on, Hua Xun has extremely rich in resin productiondevelopment and production experience, and with the international standards of productionequipment, high-quality products continue to lead the market, the healthy development of the industry's flagship achievement, leadership resin industry. With a series of international advanced production equipment, including reactor have 30 sets of production capacity in the forefrontamong the Chinese. Years of expansion and accumulation, innovation and beyond, Hua Xun resin product line has been continuously enriched, to meet the diversified needs of the market.

Annual output of 200,000 tons resin to protect the application of surface material feedstock supply
Committed to creating more value for human life better, Hua Xun has been committed to the development and expansion of the resin industry, has become the country's premier resin main suppliers. Where the great size of the resin tank storage capacity of 20,000 tons, large andadvanced production equipment to make Chinese fast resin brilliant achievement, The productioncapacity of up to 200,000 tons, ranking first in Guangdong. Hua Xun resin except for a lot ofoutside, more Hua Xun solid surfaces provide high-quality raw materials production, production and quality assurance of solid surfaces, for the healthy and rapid development of China's fast solid material into a strong force.
Third, the R & D center
Innovation and creativity, science and technology to promote the sustainable development of enterprises
Explore, experiment, and create a world leader in innovation, in line with the demand of theproduct is the eternal pursuit of Chinese fast. In the introduction of talent, China Motion has been committed to developing innovative technology, with international advanced research and development equipment, customer demand-oriented, environmental health as the goal,independent research and development, continuing to create better products to international standards surplus back to the community, show the Hua Xun strong product innovation andproduction capacity. Prospective Technology, multi-level R & D system, greatly promote the rapiddevelopment capabilities sublimation, fill the timber industry faces a number of gaps, for the healthy development of the industry has made a remarkable contribution.

High-quality research and development team, continuous product innovation
Talent is the driving force of technological innovation. Hua Xun fruitful in R & D technology,delivering innovative products and add luster to a better life for mankind. Hua Xun insisted boththe introduction and cultivation of talent strategy, with a number of senior technical adviser andthe high title of research and production professionals, engineers, their focus to concentrate onin-depth research, continuous innovation, continuous research and development of high-qualityresearch, make up the current industry market product updates slow surface material defects to the market into a powerful running water.
Meanwhile, Hua Xun long-term cooperation with foreign well-known companies, regularlyinvite experts for product testing, and strive to return to society is high quality andenvironmentally friendly products. In addition more than 30 percent of college educationpersonnel, high-quality research and development team, formed a fortress Xun in brand strategy is the most impregnable.

Building construction technology, creating first-class research environment
Sustainable development as a vital part of the enterprise, China attaches great importance todeveloping fast, and actively create a first-class research environment. Plans to vote on the basis ofexisting R & D centers on the BSP Motion Technology Building, to introduce the most advancedequipment and technology research, the whole effort, self-reliance, to provide a basis for productreplacement guarantee. China Motion is at an unprecedented commitment to seize opportunities and create sustainable development of new products and new technologies. Either now or in the future, these products and technologies to create value for customers


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